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الجمعة، 1 أبريل 2011

Egyptian Transformation

What an exciting transformation Egypt is experiencing. The January 25th Revolution is nothing short of a miracle. Freedom isn't free, however, we cry for everyone of our 800 martyrs, 1200 eye/head injuries and 5000 other injuries. For everyone of them we vow to punish the evil ones that killed and hurt or had any part in the cowardly treacherous massacres. They are trying to pass the blame and escape accountability. No, not for Egyptian blood in cold blood.
The court and investigation must be expedited, we should briefly learn the lesson then move on to the future. Planning and working hard. Educating ourselves about political issues and working on our habits in order to be as good as can be. Hard work pays off especially when the set back will be offset by getting back our stolen resources, land and dignity. Fixing our attitudes, staying positive and staying vigilant and never again allowing anyone to abuse us.

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